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Sun and Beer in Munich {Germany}

If you plan on visiting Munich, Germany don’t go on a Sunday because most places are closed with the exception of beer gardens/halls (okay – restaurants and popular tourist attractions are open too but a majority of stores are closed)! We learned the hard way. We only had 1 day in Munich and it just […]

Castles in Bavaria {Germany}

We hopped on our first overnight 9 hour train ride from Venice, Italy to Munich, Germany to visit some of the world’s famous castles in Bavaria. We arrived in the morning at the Munich train station and immediately picked up a rental car. We drove a tiny smart car where our luggage barely fit (pack light if you plan on traveling via trains and renting […]

Trip Planning {Europe}

Here are some resources to help plan your trip. We were lucky to know friends that went to Europe (1 month prior to our trip) with a similar itinerary as ours and they provided us very valuable resources. We also did some planning on our own through books, videos, and travel forums. Travel Book We used […]

Europe in 2 Weeks!

Europe was our very FIRST international trip (we went on a Mexican Riviera cruise in 2005 for 7-days but this is the first time we flew to an international destination)  so it holds a special place in our heart! With the help of friends and online research we planned an adventurous trip – rented our own […]