Castles in Bavaria {Germany}

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Castles in Bavaria {Germany}

We hopped on our first overnight 9 hour train ride from Venice, Italy to Munich, Germany to visit some of the world’s famous castles in Bavaria. We arrived in the morning at the Munich train station and immediately picked up a rental car. We drove a tiny smart car where our luggage barely fit (pack light if you plan on traveling via trains and renting small cars).

IMG_1110 IMG_1122IMG_1131

My husband had fun driving on the autobahn (freeway with no speed limit). We must have been the slowest car on the autobahn. While I was OK with it, my husband wished he drove a faster car. Driving was easy in Germany, signs were easy to read and roads were fine. This was the only country in Europe where we rented a car and drove. Make sure to get an international driving permit in your country before arriving to Germany. We got ours from Automobile Club of Southern California AAA. We highly recommend renting a car, it’s a great way to see the countryside.

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The drive to Bavaria is about a 1 1/2 hour drive but our GPS got us lost (yes let’s blame it on the GPS) – it kept directing us to a non-existent road making us drive in circles and we even drove on the wrong side of the road AND on the sidewalk (pictured below)! People were looking at us crazy and they were probably thinking “foolish American tourists”. Every time we look at this picture below, it always make us laugh.


Here’s the video we recorded of us getting lost on the sidewalk!  Damn GPS!!!

After 3 hours, we finally arrived! Depending on when you go (we went in March and it was cold), dress accordingly and prepare to walk. You will be mostly outdoors.


The trails are surrounded with tall trees and leads you to fascinating scenic sights overlooking the Bavarian mountains, lake, and castles. It’s mostly uphill but it’s not too steep. Brrr, it was really cold up there.

IIMG_1174 IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1179

Neuschwanstein Castle –  the most visited castle in Germany. This famous castle inspired the making of the Disney castle. For those of you who are Disney fans, this is a must for you! We booked a one hour guided tour inside the castle.

IMG_1187 IMG_1192

Walk outside the property for more breathtaking views of the city and continue your uphill trek and look for the Marienbrucke bridge. You will get the BEST views of the castle. It’s pretty scary on the bridge as you look down at the waterfall and notice how high you are.

IMG_1190 IMG_1204 IMG_1224 IMG_1208

We saw Hohenschwangau Castle from a distance since we had to leave early before it got dark to find our way back to Munich (thankfully we didn’t get lost again lol).

Here’s short video of our view from the bridge.


You can tour Bavaria in a day, but I’d recommend 2 days to give yourself time to visit other castles and the city. You can book a tour if you don’t want to drive which will probably save you time and headaches. We don’t like tours. We like figuring things out on our own and get mad and blame each other occasionally. Don’t you want to get lost, drive on the sidewalk, and attempt to speak their language to ask for help? 🙂

Driving is the best way to see the countryside and get spectacular scenic views of the Alps. I must warn you, Germans are speedy drivers, it felt like all the roads were autobahns. It was an ultimate fantasy road trip!

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P.S. I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below if you want to share your adventure in Bavaria, want to share any other tips and advice, or simply just want to say hi :).


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