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How to Prepare for Your Safari {Africa}

Safari Vehicle Unlike South Africa’s open-air vehicle, Tanzania has closed pop-up roof Land Rovers. Below was our off-road 4×4 Land Rover vehicle. You can’t drive anything less than a Land Rover in Africa. The roads in Africa are in bad conditions – the worst I’ve ever seen. There are many unpaved, rocky, and uneven dirt […]

Living the Wildlife {Africa}

Our safari experience gave us a different perspective and greater appreciation of nature and wildlife! Our game drives took place in some of the world’s heritage parks in Tanzania. We were fortunate to see the Big Five Game Animals which are 1. Lion 2. Buffalo 3. Rhino 4. Leopard 5. Elephant. The Big Five are known […]

Glamping in Tanzania {Africa}

Accommodations in Tanzania deserves its own post. Why? Because there is nowhere in this world like Africa’s safari living. I have never enjoyed our accomodations like I did in Africa. Where can you get luxury and adventure all in the same place? Look out your window and be surrounded by the wild? Or have breakfast while watching […]

Trip Planning & Highlights of Tanzania {Africa}

Our latest trip was in June 2015 in Tanzania, Africa. We wanted adventure and Africa was calling our name! We were originally planning on visiting South Africa until we were introduced to an Africa travel advisor, Chris Liebenberg, founder of Piper and Heath Travel, based in San Diego, CA. Chris lived in South Africa and worked […]

The Layover in Amsterdam {Netherlands}

Thinking of a layover in Amsterdam? Read how we did it in 48 hours! During a train ride to Bangkok in Thailand, my husband and I met 2 backpackers who had been on the road for months. During our conversation, I learned that their trips are spontaneous, meaning they have nothing booked or planned, they plan as they go. They […]

Palace of Versailles {France}

On our last day in France, we decided last-minute to visit Versailles and we ended up spending half a day there. Be advised they are closed on Mondays so plan accordingly. We took the RER train and it took ~40 minutes to get there. Try to arrive early as lines can get really long. Because […]

Lovely Paris! {France}

We made it to France! The last country of our 2 weeks in Europe trip. We spent 4 days in France – 3 days in Paris, 1 day in Versailles. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got to Paris but we were excited to explore a new country. Paris is known for fashion, art, culture, […]

Sun and Beer in Munich {Germany}

If you plan on visiting Munich, Germany don’t go on a Sunday because most places are closed with the exception of beer gardens/halls (okay – restaurants and popular tourist attractions are open too but a majority of stores are closed)! We learned the hard way. We only had 1 day in Munich and it just […]

Castles in Bavaria {Germany}

We hopped on our first overnight 9 hour train ride from Venice, Italy to Munich, Germany to visit some of the world’s famous castles in Bavaria. We arrived in the morning at the Munich train station and immediately picked up a rental car. We drove a tiny smart car where our luggage barely fit (pack light if you plan on traveling via trains and renting […]

Romantic Venice {Italy}

Our adventure continued on a short train ride (2 hours) from Florence to the most  romantic place in the world, Venice! We spent 1 1/2 days there and stayed outside the city, about a 20 minute bus ride from our Airbnb place. There are no roads or cars just boats and canals. You will be doing a lot […]

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